Hungarian Stage Art Festival || Copenhagen

.June 2015

Underland - an interactive staged reading about migration, emigration, political and social issues. We focused on our cultural differences during the 3 days long (short), intensive rehearsal period.


June 2015. Huge billboards allover in Hungary. Against refugees. The right-wing Danish People’s Party makes huge gains in the country’s general election. Three young theatre-makers meet in a small theatre in Copenhagen. I'm Hungarian - living in Berlin. Jonas is Danish but his personality has changed a lot during his studies in Berlin. Alexander is Danish - and well, he is OK.

What can we tell, ask and share in a common room?   

What is "konfliktsky"?

What would you ask from my Prime Minister?

How do the refugees react to the billboard action? Can I show a video about it?

What is your biggest problem with your society?

What is my mother's opinion about my new life?

How is the real Danish fear?

And what if we don't give a shit of the differences but try to cooperate?



Alexander Clemens

Jonas Littauer

Panni Néder



Panni Néder