February 2014


Adrienn Bazsó

Máté Czakó

Julcsi Kruzslicz

Fanni Lakos

Iringó Réti

Lea Simon

Panni Néder

STORYTELLER: Alexander Nagel

FAIRY TALE TEXT: Isabell Emmrich

DIRECTOR: Panni Néder

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was never been loved by her mother. Her father was frequently absent, to lead the big battles and rescue the damsels of the kingdom. He always used to say: "You are my favourite daughter" -  but he did not want to protect his child. The girl would read romances all night long under her blanket by candle light, and dreamt of the charming prince on a white horse.


He had come, they had got married and they have been living together happily ever after till their divorce.


My parents.


What kind of woman would be Cinderella, who has never had a good family background? What kind of mother could be somebody, who has never learned the language of real love?


Our mothers' true stories will be brought to life through tales and autobiographical texts. How can we speak about our injuries if our mother tongue is nothing else but the language of silence?